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interactive bowls Aïkiou - Designed in Quebec !

Belle vie de chien Dog training school based on positive reinforcement. (Laprairie)

CAACQ (Companion Animal Adoption Centres of Quebec): An alliance of organizations concerned with the good of the welfare of pets whose members work together to significantly reduce the number of pets euthanized in the province of Quebec.

CAM Agility club Montérégie

Canisportifs they seek a balanced human-animal relationship in sport and the outdoors.

Coeur Canin Canine behavior specialist, Freestyle / training, seminar

Communication Féline Feline behavior specialist.

Crémanimo Cremation services for pets.

Dog Food Advisor Dog food reviews and dog food ratings updated regularly.

DogZworth various dog sport centre at Ile-des-Soeurs !

Christine Dolan Personalized dog training on the South Shore of Montreal and surroundings.

Gerdy's Rescue Animal rescue (Laval and surroundings)

La cabane à Liam this is a dog rescue in Montreal South sore and surroundings.

Rosie Animal Adoption  Animal rescue.

Sophie's Dog Adoption Animal rescue.

Sans Faux Plis  Dog training school based on positive reinforcement with Kevin-Pierre (Montreal Nord)

Bureau Vétérinaire Holistique Dr. Anne-Marie Gagnon (Magog)

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